15 Biggest AI Conferences to Happen in 2024

Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionizing technology that is driving significant advancements in various industries. The AI field has attracted a large community of professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts. Today AI has become a major topic of discussion and the AI conferences are serving as a platform to carry on these discussions by bringing together like-minded individuals to discuss this cutting-edge technology. So if you are an AI enthusiast or professional you would be wondering where these biggest AI and Machine Learning conferences are happening. In this blog post, we have created a list of some of the biggest AI conferences that you can attend in 2024. 

1. The AI Quality Conference

Coordinated by Kolena and MLOps.community, The AI Quality Conference (AIQCon) on June 25, 2024, in San Francisco, CA, gathers top speakers from Google, Cruise, NVIDIA, and more. Explore insights, experiences, and visions for AI quality. Industry leaders, practitioners, and innovators tackle core AI quality issues, sharing strategies to achieve rigorous, reliable, and scalable AI. Targeted at ML and AI practitioners, this event promises invaluable learning and networking opportunities.

LocationSan Francisco, CA
DateJune 25, 2024


2. ML in PL Conference 2024

Discover cutting-edge insights at the ML in PL Conference 2024, happening from November 7-10 at the Copernicus Science Center, Warsaw. Engage with top global scientists like Yuhuai (Tony) Wu and Bernardino Romera-Paredes, explore diverse lectures, panel discussions, and poster sessions. Connect with 600+ AI enthusiasts, including PhDs, students, and professionals. Don't miss this premier event to amplify your AI expertise and forge invaluable connections. Visit conference.mlinpl.org for details.

LocationWarsaw, Poland
DateOctober 26-29, 2024


3. ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

The 19th edition of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) provides a platform for researchers to represent their latest advancements and exchange knowledge and ideas in the area of HRI. The AI Conference 2024 unites global experimenters to showcase their best work, concentrating on technology, data, theory, and science that pushes the boundaries of HRI. The 2024 conference theme is "HRI in the real world," and emphasizes the practical application of HRI theories, studies, designs, systems, and technical advances in day-to-day life. Attendees can explore the implications of HRI practice and methods to incorporate it into mainstream society. The conference includes multiple avenues for participation such as demos, videos, full papers, late-breaking reports, workshops, and an exciting new robot challenge.

LocationBoulder, CO
DateMarch 11-15, 2024


4. The Computer Vision Summit

The Computer Vision Summit in London is the most prominent end-user-led summit dedicated to harnessing the power of intelligent vision technologies to create immense business value. The impressive gathering of industry leaders aims to equip attendees with the solutions, knowledge, and connections essential to drive their computer vision systems from vision to production and ultimately scale them for success. This event is an amazing opportunity to unite with peers who share a common goal which is to leverage state-of-the-art vision technology and create a real business impact. This event serves as a platform for leaders to share actionable insights on the technical and strategic challenges related to CV systems. The participants can expect to deepen their understanding of creating strategy roadmaps for their vision products. 

This event bridges the gap between engineers, end users, and strategists enabling them to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the computer vision landscape. Moreover, by participating in the Computer Vision summit the attendees can become part of the AIAI (Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision) community and get an opportunity to access an invaluable network of professionals, tools, and resources.

LocationSan Jose Marriott
DateApril 16 & 17, 2024


5. The Data Innovation Summit

The Data Innovation Summit is the Nordics' and beyond's biggest and most influential annual event dedicated to data and artificial intelligence. It is a congregation point for an array of professionals including technology providers, start-up innovators, innovative thinkers, and business practitioners who work in the domains of artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, data management, IoT, analytics, and data engineering. In its newest edition, the AI event boasts a remarkable roster of hundreds of speakers from international backgrounds. Furthermore, the AI summit also features an exhibition area bustling with networking and learning opportunities. This comprehensive lineup ensures that organizations and professionals involved in AI and data innovation can collaborate on endeavors that aim at enhancing customer experiences, enabling future sustainability, reinventing business models, and developing data-driven products and services.

LocationStockholm, Sweden
DateApril 24 to 25, 2024


6. CDAO Singapore

The CDAO Singapore focuses on strategic data analytics, data management, and the implementation of AI within organizations. It sets a venue for CDAOs to collaborate, network, and shape the future of data-driven decision-making. The event features a wide range of panel discussions, keynote speeches, interactive roundtables, and workshops guided by industry pioneers and top academics. Through this conference, the participants will gain valuable insights into the emerging technologies and implementations of data-driven approaches. The AI conference covers a range of topics including AI adoption, machine learning, data ethics, data privacy, and data monetization.

DateApril 16-17, 2024


7. MemCon 2024 

MemCon 2024 is a cutting-edge conference earmarked to explore the latest innovations and advancements in Memory Technologies. The conference brings together researchers, industry leaders, engineers, and tech enthusiasts to exchange ideas and highlight the transformative potential of memory technologies. MemCon offers a platform for participants to stay at the forefront of memory technology advancements by focusing on emerging trends such as high-speed memory interfaces, nonvolatile memory, and advanced memory architectures. This is a must-attend AI conference for professionals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of memory technologies.

LocationSilicon Valley, CA
DateMarch 26 to 27, 2024


8. The Data Science Salon NYC

The Data Science Salon Seattle is a dynamic conference that unites the most diverse community in the data science field. The conference focuses on retail and e-commerce and offers engaging sessions designed to improve data skills and provide actionable insights. Through this conference, the attendees will get the opportunity to gain knowledge from the practitioners, industry experts, and executives who share their expertise in the AI and machine learning landscape. The attendees can directly interact with the speakers through live Q&A sessions and gain practical insights from those working on the frontlines of machine learning in retail and e-commerce. Moreover, all the event sessions are accessible on demand by the participants for two weeks after the event ensuring that they can continue to learn and benefit from the conference.

LocationNew York
DateJune 18, 2024


9. GovAI Summit

The GovAI Summit is a conference dedicated to exploring AI in public services by sharing practical applications and opportunities of Artificial intelligence in the public sector. The conference brings together professionals from education, government, military and non-profit organizations to explore the possibilities, address the challenges and discuss real-world use cases of AI in government services. The summit serves as a platform for participants to delve into the opportunities of AI in public service through keynotes, panel discussions, and breakout sessions. The attendees will also get an opportunity to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders explore innovative solutions and shape the future of governance in the AI era.

LocationArlington, VA
DateOctober 28-30, 2024


10. AI Summit New York 

The AI Summit New York is an upscale event that showcases the latest innovations, advancements, and applications in the artificial intelligence arena. The summit is a comprehensive program that features keynote speeches, interactive sessions, panel discussions, and demonstrations of some cutting-edge technologies. The summit will highlight the latest trends, tools, technologies, and strategies that are shaping the AI landscape. The participants will gain a holistic understanding of the AI ecosystem and its significance for their organizations. Moreover, the summit covers a broad range of industries including finance, healthcare, cybersecurity, retail, and more, highlighting the challenges, scope, and AI deployment success stories.

LocationNew York, NY
DateDecember 11 to 12, 2024


11. MLcon Berlin

The MLcon Berlin is a conference that offers a great opportunity for the participants to deepen their understanding of data and optimize machine learning tools and models to enhance their business strategies. The AI event will focus on the latest technologies and methodologies in the AI and machine learning landscape and offer the participants valuable skills to thrive in the era of data-driven business. 

By attending the AI conference the attendees will gain the expertise and skills necessary to incorporate machine learning seamlessly into their businesses. Renowned industry experts will share their knowledge, and experiences to guide attendees on how to choose the right machine-learning tools, models, services, and algorithms. Attending this conference is a great opportunity to build connections, exchange experiences with like-minded individuals, and learn from industry leaders.

LocationBerlin, Germany
DateNovember 25 - 28, 2024


12. AI and Big Data Expo Global 

AI and Big Data Expo Global is a renowned in-person event that gathers industry experts and professionals to explore the latest innovations and developments in the fields of AI and Big Data. The event is expected to incorporate thousands of attendees including innovators, IT decision-makers, developers, and executives to network and share knowledge. Moreover, the AI event will showcase cutting-edge technologies from over 200 exhibitors, offering the participants a firsthand look at the practical implementation of AI. The conferences at the expo will assemble leading brands, evangelists, startups, and market influencers to discuss the advancements in big data and AI and explore their impact on consumer and enterprise sectors. More than 150 keynote speakers will share their expertise and experiences by covering a diverse range of topics such as AI-driven digital transformation, responsible and ethical AI, cybersecurity, and personalized AI-led experiences.

LocationLondon, UK
DateFebruary 5-6, 2025


13. Databricks Data + AI Summit 

The Databricks Data + AI Summit is a premier event, blending virtual and hybrid formats for a four-day immersion in cutting-edge insights. Featuring keynotes by industry pioneers, technical sessions, hands-on training, and ample networking, it hosts over 500 sessions exploring the latest Data and AI trends. The 2024 lineup showcases innovative leaders from Databricks and beyond. It caters to a diverse audience including data scientists, ML engineers, executives, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and more.

LocationMoscone Center, 747 Howard St, San Francisco
DateJune 10-13, 2024


14. AI Expo Europe 

AI Expo Europe is a premier event showcasing the forefront of artificial intelligence. Whether you're a seasoned professional, aspiring innovator, or simply curious about the future of technology, this conference offers invaluable insights, connections, and inspiration. Visionary speakers delve into tomorrow's technology, offering actionable strategies. It's a must-attend for those interested in tech, big data, AI, and beyond. Join to stay abreast of the latest advancements and opportunities in the AI landscape.

LocationRadisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest
Date October 6-7, 2024


15. MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024

Discover the future of AI in business at MOMENTUM AI San Jose 2024. Tailored for enterprise leaders and AI enthusiasts, this exclusive event explores cutting-edge traditional and generative AI applications revolutionizing industries. Gain insights, tools, and connections to steer your organization towards an AI-driven future. Witness industry disruptors in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and marketing. Whether an AI veteran or newcomer, join Reuters Events: Momentum AI to shape the enterprise of tomorrow.

LocationSan Jose
Date July 16-17 2024



In conclusion, 2024 is set to be an exciting time for AI conferences with several notable conferences taking place globally. Refer to this list of AI conferences and get unique opportunities to explore more in the AI landscape.