15 Industrial and Manufacturing Conferences in 2023 and 2024

15 Business and Economics Conferences in 2023 and 2024

In the dynamic world of commerce, staying at the forefront of industry trends and forging valuable connections is paramount. To keep you updated with all that is going in the business world we have gathered a list of some of the prominent business and economics conferences happening in 2023 and 2024. These events, ranging from business conferences and business summits to exhibitions, offer exceptional opportunities to gain insights, connect with industry leaders, and explore the latest innovations. Whether you are a business professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, these business conferences are your gateway to success.

1. Savant eCommerce Manchester

Savant eCommerce Manchester is the ultimate networking platform, gathering 120 Comm leads from the UK's top retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers. This eCommerce live event offers an amazing opportunity for attendees to share inspirational stories and connect with industry innovators, creating valuable connections in the world of eCommerce. 

Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Date 04-05 October 20233


2. Women Leadership Festival

The 2023 Women Leadership Festival is a unique gathering of influential women leaders from diverse fields including business, nonprofits, public policy, science, and the arts. This event provides a platform for collaboration on crucial topics such as allyship, authentic leadership, recruitment, retention, workforce re-entry, and building inclusive workplaces. Join forces with peers and gain insights from some of the world's top women leaders to drive positive change in leadership and workplace dynamics.

Location NY, United States
Date 05-06 October 2023


3. Festival of Marketing

The Festival of Marketing is an unparalleled event where marketers converge for a day of inspiration and problem-solving. This business conference brings together industry professionals to reflect, learn, and address the significant challenges that shape the marketing landscape today and in the future. It's a great opportunity for attendees to exchange ideas, gain insights, and collectively steer the ever-evolving world of marketing. 

Location London, United Kingdom
Date 05 October 2023


4. eCommerce Summit

The Denver eCommerce Summit is an intimate and focused live event, offering a one-day opportunity for local eCommerce professionals, decision-makers, and industry experts to connect. With a boutique-style approach, this summit brings together retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers, fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations within the eCommerce sphere. Don't miss this chance to engage with Denver's eCommerce community and stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Location FL, United States
Date 11 October 2023


5. Digital Business Summit Berlin

The Denver eCommerce Summit is an intimate and focused live event, offering a one-day opportunity for local eCommerce professionals, decision-makers, and industry experts to connect. With a boutique-style approach, this summit brings together retailers, brands, merchants, and solution providers, fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations within the eCommerce sphere. Don't miss this chance to engage with Denver's eCommerce community and stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Location Berlin, Germany
Date 25-26 October 2023


6. ICBML 2023

The 4th International Conference on Business Management & Law (ICBML 2023), organized by the Global Academic Research Institute (GARI), focuses on the theme of "Business Innovation and Legal Studies." Researchers are invited to submit abstracts and papers aligned with this theme and the conference tracks. The conference offers a platform for oral presentations, welcoming current research and novel processes within the realms of business and law. 

Location France(Hybrid)
Date 28 October 2023


7. ICEEG 2023

The International Conference on e-commerce, e-Business, and e-Government is a prestigious business event that unites renowned academic scientists, researchers, and scholars. This conference sets up an interdisciplinary platform for experts, practitioners, and educators to showcase their inventions and reflect upon the latest innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions within the areas of e-commerce, e-business, and e-government.

Location Paris, France
Date 30-31 October 2023


8. DigiMarCon World 2023 

DigiMarCon World 2023 - Digital Marketing Conference is the ultimate gathering for marketers, offering two action-packed days filled with best practices, the latest trends, practical solutions, and networking opportunities. Whether attending in-person or online, you'll explore cutting-edge technology and innovation in Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS. Join DigiMarCon World 2023 to gain insights on thriving in the ever-evolving digital landscape through top keynotes, case studies, strategy sessions, and valuable networking. Discover why attendees return year after year to this essential event and secure your seat today.

Location Las Vegas, NV, United States
Date 06-08 November 2023



The 20th International Conference on Business Management and Economics (ICBME) offers a valuable platform for participants to showcase their latest research, engage in information exchange, and deliberate on pressing issues. This conference welcomes research papers spanning various domains such as Banking and finance, Business Ethics and law, E-commerce, Economics, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, and Tourism, among others. Authors from around the globe are anticipated to participate in this international gathering. Speakers are encouraged to submit full papers in advance to foster fruitful discussions during the conference.

Location United Kingdom(Hybrid)
Date 04 November 2023


10. SBMER 2023

The Strategic Business Management and Economic Research Global Conference (SBMER-23), hosted on advenaworld.com, offers a prime platform to share your projects and insights with a diverse audience of scholars, industry leaders, corporate executives, and experts in various fields, including management, marketing, circular economy, financial reporting, statistics, operation research, Asia-Pacific and Middle East economies, cybersecurity, public policy, leadership, engineering management, and information technology. It's an exceptional opportunity to showcase your research and gain valuable feedback from a knowledgeable community.

Location Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen
Date 08 November 2023


11. Digital Summit

Elevate your marketing expertise at the Digital Summit in Raleigh 2023. Our workshops and sessions are designed to hone your skills and deliver a wealth of tactical, practical, and strategic insights from some of the nation's foremost marketing experts. Join this conference to stay at the cutting edge of marketing knowledge and techniques.

Location NC, United States
Date 13-14 November 2023


12. The Design + AI Summit

The Design + AI Summit is your gateway to navigating the unfolding AI revolution in graphic design, writing, art, and communication. This online event, taking place on December 7–8, brings together human designers and marketers seeking to prosper in an AI-driven future. With 12 informative sessions led by globally recognized experts, you'll gain valuable insights and practical HOW-TO techniques to harness the power of GenAI tools, ensuring you're well-prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Location Webinar
Date 07-08 December 2023


13. Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC)

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), hosted by Cambridge House, is a premier event in the resource investment sector. It offers a unique platform for industry professionals, investors, and resource companies to come together and explore opportunities in mining, energy, and other resource sectors. With expert speakers, exhibitors, and networking opportunities, VRIC is a vital gathering for those seeking insights and connections in the resource investment landscape. 

Location Canada
Date 21-22 January 2024


14. International Conference on Applied Economics 

The International Conference on Applied Economics (CAE 2024) is a marked gathering surrounding diverse fields such as Development Economics, Ecological Economics, Environmental Economics, Monetary Economics, Agricultural Economics, Technological Economics, Urban Economics, and related subjects. This conference is a platform for the cutting-edge research findings and the dissemination of advanced research methodologies in these areas. Through this conference, the attendees can foster collaboration and exchange their knowledge on related topics.

Location China
Date 29-31 March 2024


15. EBES Conference 2024

The (EBES) Conference 2024 is a collaborative effort with GLO (Global Labor Organization), supported by the Istanbul Economic Research Association and in partnership with the FOM University of Applied Sciences. This conference will adopt a hybrid format, allowing participants to engage either in-person or online.

Location Berlin, Germany
Date 04-06 April 2024



In a realm where knowledge is power, participating in business and economics conferences is your key to unlocking potential and driving success. The 15 handpicked business conferences, summits, and exhibitions outlined in this article are your ticket to gaining invaluable insights, connecting with peers and experts, and positioning yourself for greatness in the ever-evolving world of commerce. Mark your calendars and seize the opportunity to thrive and excel in your business endeavors.