11 DevOps Conferences in 2024

Explore the latest technology and collaboration at 11 DevOps conferences in 2024. These prominent DevOps conferences provide professionals, entrepreneurs, and IT enthusiasts with an exceptional platform to explore the latest trends and innovations that are in DevOps land. From expert-led workshops to hands-on workshops, these workshops promise insights into the cutting-edge techniques and tools that will shape the future of software development and business. 

1. International IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition 

The International IT Services Business Conference and Exhibition, Pink 2024, is a chief occasion within the IT industry. This DevOps convention brings together practitioners and specialists, to join together and discover brand-new developments and innovations in IT service control. With insightful classes, workshops, and networking opportunities, that is a must-attend for people interested by main the way in ITSM.

LocationLas Vegas, NV, United States
Date03-06 March 2024


2. DevOps Live

DevOps Live is a conference dedicated to dynamic improvement and user interface. This DevOps event is a hub for DevOps fans, supplying a platform to explore the modern-day gear, strategies, and achievement stories in the discipline. Attendees could be able to participate in informative discussions, benefit from valuable insights, and engage with business leaders to beautify their information on DevOps practices.

LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Date06-07 March 2024


3. Data Centre World

Data Center World is one of the most essential data center industry events. This complete conference brings collectively practitioners and professionals together to discover the present-day improvements, technologies, and strategies in the facts center field. Attendees can expect treasured insights from enterprise leaders, networking possibilities, and solutions, making it a need-to-have revel-in for the ones involved in data center management.

LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Date06-07 March 2024


4. DevOpsCon

DevOpsCon is a leading conference in DevOps practices. This conference is for enterprise leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts eager to dive deep into the cutting-edge tendencies and technology shaping the DevOps panorama. Through professional-led seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities DevOpsCon affords a platform for professionals to stay on pinnacle of the contemporary tendencies.

LocationLondon, United Kingdom(Hybrid)
Date08-11 April 2024


5. ICSAM 2024

Scheduled for April in Paris, the International Conference on Software Architecture and Management is the flagship event between software architecture and management The conference is for professionals to exchange insights on the latest developments, challenges, and best practices of software architecture. It provides a platform for delivery. Attendees can look forward to lively discussions, informative sessions, and networking opportunities at this important venue.

LocationParis, France
Date11-12 April 2024


6. CCCN 2024

The 2d International Conference on Cloud Computing and Computer Networks is the most important gathering of practitioners and researchers in cloud computing and computer networks. It is designed to offer a platform for expertise sharing and collaboration, CCCN 2024 will discover the modern-day tendencies and ongoing demanding situations.

Date19-21 April 2024


7. Cloud & BPR Expo

Cloud & BPR Expo is an important event at the forefront of cloud technology and business innovation. Part of the summer of Japan IT Week, the show serves as a focal point for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs looking to explore the latest innovations and techniques in cloud computing and efficient business processes and provides attendees with the ability to present and discuss new solutions and use them to enhance their understanding and knowledge.

LocationTokyo, Japan
Date24-26 April 2024


8. DevOpsDays Berlin

DevOpsDays Berlin is a notable event for the DevOps community. Part of the global DevOpsDays series, this occasion offers a platform for entrepreneurs, and IT professionals to share studies, insights, and best practices inside the dynamic global of DevOps Focus on collaboration and innovation. DevOpsDays Berlin offers a communication platform, interesting workshops, and networking opportunities for attendees.

LocationBerlin, Germany
Date07-08 May 2024


9. DevDays & DevOps Pro Europe

DevDays & DevOps Pro Europe 2024 is a flagship conference that combines development and entrepreneurship skills. Part of the DevDays series, the event provides a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs to explore the latest trends, tools, and techniques in DevOps. Through a mix of exploratory sessions and hands-on sessions, attendees gain valuable insights, fostering collaboration and excellence in software development and implementation.

LocationOnline Event
Date20-21 May 2024
LocationVilnius, Lithuania(Hybrid)
Date23-24 May 2024


10. Datacloud USA 2024

DataCloud USA 2024 is a notable conference in the data center and cloud infrastructure enterprise. This DevOps event offers enterprise leaders, marketers, and innovators with a crucial platform to explore the present-day traits and developments shaping the facts and cloud panorama. Attendees can anticipate insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and exposure to modern technology, making this a vital revel in this swiftly developing enterprise.

LocationAustin, TX, United States
Date17-18 September 2024


11. DeveloperWeek Cloud 2024

DeveloperWeek Cloud 2024 is an important event at the intersection of development and cloud technologies. Designed for entrepreneurs, engineers, and business leaders, the conference offers in-depth insights into the latest trends and innovations in cloud computing. Attendees can enjoy expert-led workshops, and hands-on, networking opportunities and ride impressive growth in the cloud industry.

LocationSanta Clara, CA, United States
Date5-7 November 2024



In conclusion, the 11 DevOps Conferences in 2024 stand as indispensable gatherings for anyone seeking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving DevOps realm. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and the latest technologies, these DevOps events offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry leaders and enhance skills. Attendees can expect a transformative experience, gaining valuable insights and forging connections at the forefront of DevOps excellence.