12 E-commerce Conferences to attend in 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of digital commerce, staying ahead means embracing innovation and networking with industry pioneers. These 12 e-commerce conferences and events set the stage for insights into cutting-edge strategies and technological advancements that will shape the landscape in 2024.

1. eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo NORTH 2024

The eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo NORTH 2024 was a beacon for industry enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive glimpse into the future of online commerce. Esteemed speakers dissected market trends, innovative technologies, and consumer behavior, guiding attendees through workshops and engaging panels. This dynamic event, set in a top-tier venue, facilitated robust networking opportunities, fostering collaborations and empowering participants to navigate the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape with confidence.

LocationThessaloniki, Greece
Date17-18 February 2024


2. Step Conference 2024

Step Conference 2024 emerged as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, uniting visionaries and disruptors from diverse industries. Esteemed speakers shared invaluable insights on emerging technologies, investment landscapes, and future trends. Attendees engaged in dynamic discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, harnessing the event's energy to forge strategic partnerships. Held in Dubai, this conference epitomized the spirit of innovation, fostering a collaborative environment poised to shape the future of business and technology.

LocationDubai Internet City, United Arab Emirates
Date21-22 February 2024


3. E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024

The E-commerce Berlin Expo 2024 stood as a pinnacle event for e-commerce aficionados, showcasing the latest industry advancements and market trends. Esteemed speakers elucidated strategies for growth and adaptation in the digital commerce sphere. Attendees immersed themselves in insightful workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities, all housed in a vibrant atmosphere. This expo, held at a prime location, served as a nexus for collaboration and innovation, empowering businesses to thrive in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

LocationThe Station Berlin, Germany
Date22 February 2024


4. ICEBA 2024

The 10th International Conference on E-Business and Applications (ICEBA 2024) convened global experts and scholars, fostering groundbreaking discussions on the ever-evolving e-business landscape. Esteemed speakers presented pioneering research and insights, guiding attendees through innovative strategies and technological advancements. With engaging workshops and presentations, this conference provided a platform for collaboration, nurturing a collective vision to propel e-business into a new era of growth and transformation.

LocationSingapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)
Date26-28 February 2024


5. eTail 

eTail, the eCommerce & Omnichannel Retail Conference in Palm Springs, stood as a pivotal gathering for industry leaders shaping the future of retail. Attendees immersed themselves in cutting-edge strategies and technologies, exploring omnichannel experiences and customer-centric approaches. Esteemed speakers shared insights, while interactive sessions and networking opportunities sparked innovative collaborations. Held in Palm Springs, this conference epitomized retail's evolution, empowering participants to revolutionize their approach in a dynamic marketplace.

LocationCA, United States
Date26-29 February 2024


6. DMES 2024

The 14th China Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Innovation Summit (DMES 2024) convened trailblazers at the forefront of China's digital landscape. Esteemed speakers illuminated the latest trends, strategies, and innovations driving the nation's dynamic e-commerce sphere. Attendees immersed themselves in insightful discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, harnessing the event's energy to cultivate strategic alliances. Held at a prominent venue, this summit epitomized China's digital evolution, empowering participants to navigate and excel in the ever-changing market.

LocationShanghai, China(Hybrid)
Date28-29 March 2024


7. Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024

The Balkan eCommerce Summit 2024 served as a pivotal platform uniting industry leaders to delve into the region's burgeoning digital commerce landscape. Esteemed speakers highlighted innovative strategies and market insights, empowering attendees with actionable knowledge. Through interactive sessions and networking opportunities, participants fostered collaborations crucial for navigating the dynamic market. Hosted at a prominent venue, this summit epitomized the region's e-commerce growth, inspiring a collective drive toward success.

LocationArena Armeec, Sofia, Bulgaria
Date04-05 April 2024


8. DigiMarCon Canada East 2024 

DigiMarCon Canada East 2024 emerged as a premier gathering for digital marketing aficionados, spotlighting groundbreaking strategies and industry insights. Esteemed speakers shared expertise on cutting-edge trends, fostering engaging discussions and workshops. Attendees immersed themselves in the evolving landscape of digital marketing, seizing networking opportunities to forge invaluable connections. This conference, held at a prime location, exemplified innovation, empowering participants to chart new heights in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

Date22 -23 April 2024


9. eCommerce Summit

The eCommerce Summit is a dynamic event poised to illuminate the latest trends and strategies in the ever-evolving realm of online commerce. With a focus on innovation and practical insights, this summit promises to equip attendees with invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities essential for navigating the digital marketplace. Join industry leaders and experts for a transformative experience in advancing eCommerce strategies.

LocationJW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live, CA, United States
Date16 May 2024


10. Affiliate Summit West 2024

Affiliate Summit West 2024 showcased cutting-edge strategies and innovations in affiliate marketing. Industry leaders convened, sharing insights on the latest trends, technologies, and tactics. Attendees immersed themselves in workshops, panels, and networking opportunities, fostering valuable connections. The event, held at a premier venue, spurred collaborations and empowered participants to drive unprecedented growth in the affiliate marketing landscape.

The eCommerce Summit, hosted in Nashville and Los Angeles, showcased the pinnacle of retail's digital evolution. Esteemed speakers shared insights on emerging trends, consumer behavior, and innovative technologies reshaping e-commerce landscapes. Attendees engaged in vibrant discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, fostering collaborations essential for navigating the dynamic market. Held in prime locations, these summits epitomized retail's transformation, empowering industry enthusiasts to thrive in the digital commerce sphere.

LocationCaesars Forum, Las Vegas
DateFebruary 3 - 5, 2025


11. Advanced Email Conference

The Advanced Email Conference, a cornerstone event in the realm of digital communication, gathered experts and enthusiasts to explore the evolving landscape of email marketing. Attendees delved into groundbreaking strategies and emerging technologies while engaging in vibrant discussions and workshops. Held at a state-of-the-art venue, the conference provided a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, empowering participants to revolutionize their email marketing approaches.

LocationCentral London
Date20 June 2024


12. ICIEB 2024

The 4th International Conference on Internet and E-Business (ICIEB 2024) brought together global experts and scholars to explore the evolving Internet landscape and its impact on business. Esteemed speakers shared groundbreaking research and insights, guiding attendees through innovative strategies and technological advancements. Through insightful presentations and collaborative discussions, this conference served as a catalyst for fostering new ideas and forging connections, poised to shape the future of internet-driven business paradigms.

LocationOlten, Switzerland
Date08-10 July 2024



As e-commerce continues its meteoric rise, these e-commerce conferences stand as vital platforms for industry players seeking to navigate the dynamic terrain. Each event offers a gateway to invaluable knowledge, fostering collaborations and empowering attendees to lead the charge in e-commerce innovation and excellence.