11 Consumer Electronics Conferences in 2024

Discover the pulse of innovation at the forefront of tech evolution with these top 12 consumer electronics conferences of 2024. These world-renowned conferences serve as important forums, connecting industry pioneers, experts, and enthusiasts together for the latest trends, advancements, future, and possibilities that will be explored in the context of consumer electronics.

1. ElettroExpo

ElettroExpo showcases the latest trends in the electrical and electronics industry. From advances in renewable energy solutions to cutting-edge power plants, the event is a place for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest technologies. Through interactive demonstrations and information-raising awareness, EletroExpo facilitates networking and knowledge sharing among professionals in this dynamic industry.

LocationVerona, Italy
Date09-10 March 2024


2. Global Source Mobile Electronics

Global Source Mobile Electronics is a hub for the latest trends and innovations in the mobile technology sector. Showcasing an array of cutting-edge devices, accessories, and components, the platform caters to industry professionals seeking insights into the rapidly evolving mobile market. From smartphones to wearables and beyond, the expo facilitates connections between suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers while offering invaluable insights through forums and demonstrations.

LocationHong Kong
Date11-14 April 2024


3. High-Tech Building

The High-Tech Building is a key platform that is transforming Russian architecture and construction. The expo showcases new technologies and sustainable practices that are shaping today’s industry. It focuses on developments that are changing the construction industry, from smart building design to environmentally friendly materials. This consumer electronics conference unites architects, engineers, and developers, encouraging sustainable and efficient solutions that are essential for the future of urban development in Russia and beyond.

LocationMoscow, Russian Federation
Date23-24 April 2024


4. ICCED 2024

The 7th International Conference on Consumer Electronics and Devices (ICCED 2024) is an important event convening global experts, academics, and industry leaders in consumer electronics. With such a focus on the latest developments this consumer electronics conference is a knowledge-sharing platform, where device technology, explores the emerging trends in consumer electronics and their impact on everyday life. ICCED 2024 fills important discussions, presentations, and workshops to promote the future state of electronics and consumer devices.

LocationSelangor, Malaysia
Date17-19 May 2024


5. NEPCON Thailand 2024

Nepcon Thailand 2024 is positioned as a premier destination to showcase innovation and the latest technologies in electronics manufacturing. This event acts as a catalyst for industry professionals, providing insights into cutting-edge devices, tools, and solutions that drive the electronics industry forward Focusing on product development, creating collaboration together, and addressing industry challenges, NEPCONN Thailand 2024 provides important networking opportunities and a small glimpse into the future of electronics manufacturing.

LocationBangkok, Thailand
Date19-22 June 2024


6. CEF West 2024

China Electronics Fair (CEF) West 2024, part of the prestigious CEF series, is an important platform to showcase the latest technological wonders in the electronics industry. Held in Chengdu it brings together global exhibitors and industry pioneers to showcase state-of-the-art electronics, promoting business opportunities and addressing technology exchange. 

LocationChengdu, China
DateJuly 2024


7. Light + Audio Tec

Light + Audio Tec stands as a premier exhibition spotlighting innovations in lighting and audio technology. This event serves as a nexus for industry professionals and enthusiasts, showcasing the latest advancements in lighting fixtures, sound systems, and audiovisual solutions. From stage productions to architectural lighting, Light + Audio Tec offers a comprehensive display of cutting-edge technologies, fostering connections and insights crucial for the evolution of the lighting and audio industries.

LocationMoscow, Russian Federation
Date17-19 September 2024


8. KBSS 2024

The Kitchen Bathroom Selection Show 2024 (KBSS 2024) is a pivotal event in Indonesia's interior design landscape. This expo brings together industry leaders, designers, and homeowners to explore the latest trends and innovations in kitchen and bathroom design. With a showcase of modern appliances, fixtures, and design concepts, KBSS 2024 serves as a hub for inspiration, education, and networking, shaping the future of functional and aesthetic spaces in homes and commercial settings across Indonesia.

LocationJakarta, Indonesia(Hybrid)
Date25-27 September 2024


9. IFA 2024

IFA 2024, the global innovation fair in Berlin, is a beacon of cutting-edge technology in various industries. The event gathers industry veterans and beginners alike, showcasing the latest gadgets, home appliances, and cutting-edge technologies. Through keynote speeches, product launches, and interactive exhibitions, IFA provides a glimpse into the future of consumer electronics, home entertainment, and emerging technology trends, setting the stage for technological advancement worldwide

LocationBerlin, Germany
Date6-10 September 2024


10. Home & Living Expo

The Home & Living Expo is the leading event in Luxembourg to celebrate innovation in lifestyle, design, and home improvement. This expo offers a comprehensive showcase of trending interior design, home decor, and smart living solutions. From furniture to sustainable home appliances, it caters to homeowners and design enthusiasts looking for inspiration and practical solutions to create functional and beautiful living spaces. The Home & Living Expo is a platform for industry experts, designers, and consumers to discover the latest trends in the home and living space.

LocationLuxembourg City, Luxembourg
Date10-13 October 2024


11. Asian Housewares & Kitchenware Show

Part of the mega show series, Asia Housewares and Kitchenware Show is a cornerstone program highlighting the latest innovations in home and kitchenware. This expo brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers from around the world to showcase various collections of kitchenware, tableware, and essential household appliances with a focus on design, functionality, and technological advancements, the exhibition is a platform to network and discover the cutting-edge trends shaping the home and kitchen furniture industry across Asia.

LocationHong Kong
Date20-23 October 2024



Explore, connect, and attend growth trends with these immersive consumer electronics conferences of 2024. From amazing gadgets to revolutionary technologies, these events offer collaboration, knowledge sharing, and inspiration in the consumer electronics landscape shaping the consumer electronics conference if way takes place. Don't miss the opportunity to dive into the future of tech at these important industry conferences.