20 Engineering and Technology Conferences happening in 2023 and 2024

Explore a dynamic array of upcoming engineering and technology conferences in 2023 and 2024. Engage with cutting-edge insights, innovations, and collaborations at these remarkable engineering events and technology conferences. From tech summits to engineering events these gatherings offer a unique platform for professionals to stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in the dynamic realms of engineering and technology.


The International Conference on Computer Science, Electronics, and Communication Engineering (ICCSECE) is a dynamic platform where attendees across domains can engage in enriching discussions, encompassing conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, and related events. It offers academics an opportunity to showcase their research, fostering idea sharing and exploration of speaking prospects. Beyond a shared aim of information exchange and field advancement, this conference nurtures connections, recognition, and valuable feedback for personal and professional growth. With a motivating environment, the event drives dialogue on solutions, future strategies, and trends, promising immense exposure and impactful contributions. Your participation is eagerly anticipated as it not only adds to your own journey but also enriches the community.

Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Date 4th September 2023




Mark your calendars for the remarkable International Conference on Communication and Electronic Engineering (ICOCEE) on September 5th-6th, 2023. Esteemed tech and engineering luminaries will converge to drive accelerated technological progress through enhanced learning, research dissemination, skill honing, and networking. ICOCEE's fusion of these elements promises to forge a pioneering path in the realm of technology, shaping the future landscape.

Location Hybrid / Singapore
Date 5th - 6th September 2023




The upcoming International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Mechanical Engineering (ICAIRME) on September 11th, 2023 in Jakarta Raya, Indonesia, seeks to facilitate in-depth discourse on contemporary conference themes. Engaging students, researchers, and experts worldwide, this event aims to foster global collaboration. It serves as an excellent avenue for knowledge enhancement, networking, and venturing into new career horizons. Don't miss this opportunity to align with cutting-edge trends and expand your expertise.

Location Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Date 11th September 2023




The International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT) promises a convergence of leading experts, stimulating discussions, and a global attendee cohort. Anticipating over 500 participants, the event offers abundant networking prospects and avenues for professional advancement. With a rich program comprising keynote talks, oral presentations, poster sessions, symposia, and workshops, the conference boasts a dynamic atmosphere facilitated by a diverse panel of speakers, ranging from academics and students to researchers and industry practitioners.

Location Santiago, chile
Date 11th September 2023




The International Conference on Computing and Electronics Engineering (ICCEE) provides a broad forum for exchanging crucial recent advancements in Computing and Electronics Engineering. Featuring scientific presentations encompassing oral and poster sessions, as well as commercial exhibitions, the conference promises an enriching experience. With an engaging program, ICCEE encourages reflection on past achievements, networking, and communication between participants, while also unveiling current and future research directions.

Location Madrid, Spain
Date 11th October 2023




The International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering (ICCSAE) convenes periodically to foster lively exchange and discourse in the realm of Computer Science and Engineering. With a global reach, it welcomes participants keen on building professional connections and exploring career prospects within Chile and beyond. Join ICCSAE to establish relationships, share insights, and contribute to the vibrant landscape of Computer Science and Engineering.

Location Santiago, chile
Date 20th October 2023




The International Conference on Engineering (ICOE) is an avenue for the systematic dissemination of cutting-edge research and knowledge. ICOE-23 strives to advance the field of Engineering collectively. With a focus on bridging institutional and ecosystem barriers, the conference aims to unite policymakers and academic leaders to enhance the proliferation of scientific insights. By addressing obstacles and implementing solutions, ICOE promotes collaboration on both global and local scales, crucial for the growth of Engineering disciplines.

Location Madrid, Spain
Date 24th October 2023




The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT (ICSTM) promises an impactful ripple effect. From research and experimentation to learning and global economies, this conference propels progress and growth. Attendees gain vital skills to excel in engineering and technology, leaving an indelible mark through research and contributions. A hub for idea exchange and networking, ICSTM unites professionals, spanning the experienced, inexperienced, and students, across diverse technological domains.

Location Hybrid/ Tokyo, Japan
Date 30th October 2023




Hosted by the International Institute for Technology Education and Research (IITER), the International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology (ICACSIT) is poised to make a resounding impact. Spanning November 6th-7th, 2023, this event unites tech and engineering luminaries worldwide with a shared mission of expediting technological progress through enhanced learning, research, skill refinement, and networking. ICACSIT promises to be a trailblazing convergence, combining these crucial elements. With influential figures from the global tech industry joining, participants can anticipate an enriching experience.

Location Hybrid/ Florence, Italy
Date 6th November 2023




WThe International Conference on Innovative Engineering Technologies (ICIET) serves as a dynamic platform to showcase recent innovations in the realm of Engineering Technologies. Featuring scientific presentations, including oral and poster sessions, alongside commercial exhibitions, ICIET fosters reflection, networking, and collaboration among participants. An exciting program awaits, celebrating past achievements and unveiling future research directions. Join this conference for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, promising an outstanding event for all attendees.

Location Location- Goa, India
Date 4th November 2023




Join the International Conference on Global Renewable Energy and Climate Change, set to take place in Chicago, USA, from November 10th to 11th, 2023. The organizing committee cordially invites you attendees to engage in this significant event, where a broad platform awaits the sharing of crucial innovations in the field of Global Renewable Energy and Climate Change. Scientific presentations, encompassing oral and poster sessions, as well as a commercial exhibition space, contribute to an enriching experience.

Location Chicago, USA
Date 10th November 2023




Don't miss the exceptional 'International Conference on Researches in Science and Technology - (ICRST-23)' from November 28th to 29th, 2023. Hosted by Science Net this event is a must-seize opportunity for researchers, scholars, educators, students, industry professionals, and policymakers. With meticulous planning, Science Net guarantees a memorable and impactful conference, shaping the future of technology.

Location Hybrid
Date 28th November 2023




Mark your calendars for the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER PATTERN RECOGNITION, SECURITY, AND CRYPTOGRAPHY (ICCPRSC), set to unfold on November 15th, 2023, in Liverpool, UK. This conference stands as a premier global platform fostering idea exchange across diverse fields. Bridging industry and academia, it empowers professionals and researchers to showcase and deliberate cutting-edge advancements. Join this tech conference to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas on the international stage.

Location Liverpool, UK
Date 15th November 2023




The International Conference on Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Automotive Engineering (ICMAAE) is set to gather luminaries from diverse engineering sub-disciplines. With a promise of accelerated progress in research, learning, industrial output, and the global economy, this event equips participants to excel in their fields. An ideal platform for exchanging ideas and networking, ICMAAE fosters skill development and contributions, making a significant impact in the realm of engineering and technology..

Location Hybrid
Date 2nd January 2024




Seize the extraordinary opportunity presented by the upcoming 'International Conference on Civil Systems Engineering and Civil Systems Research (ICCSECSR)' on January 3rd and 4th, 2024, hosted by the World Research Forum. This event extends its benefits not only to the academic community, including researchers, scholars, students, and educators but also to industry professionals and policymakers. With renowned tech experts, inventors, and engineering innovators in attendance, this event promises to be a memorable tech milestone. WRF's meticulous planning ensures ample interactive forums and roundtable discussions following high-level lectures, enabling participants to deeply understand and apply newfound insights.

Location Kunming, China
Date 3rd January 2024




Join the International Conference on Software Engineering and Information Retrieval (ICSEIR). Embracing keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and poster presentations, the event fosters collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange. Engage with prominent speakers, interactive discussions, and emerging trends, enriching your understanding of software engineering and information retrieval's dynamic landscape.

Location Turku, Finland
Date 2nd January 2024




Don't miss the extraordinary 'International Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials - (ICRACEBM-24)' on January 3rd-4th, 2024. Hosted by Science Net, this event is a must-seize opportunity for researchers, scholars, educators, students, industry professionals, and policymakers. Science Net ensures an unforgettable and impactful conference, leaving an indelible mark on the world of technology.

Location Giza, Egypt
Date 3rd January 2024




Explore a dynamic array of activities at the International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Design (ICCEUD). Engage with eminent speakers, interactive discussions, and emerging trends, enriching your insights into the future-shaping realms of civil engineering and urban design.

Location Limassol, Cyprus
Date 22nd January 2024




Experience the International Conference on Building Science and Infrastructure Engineering (ICBSIE), from February 12th to 13th, 2024, in Adelaide, Australia. Join the committee in extending a warm invitation to this event, offering a broad platform for sharing crucial innovations in Building Science and Infrastructure Engineering. With scientific presentations, oral and poster sessions, and commercial exhibitions, ICBSIE fosters insightful exchange and exploration.

Location Adelaide, Australia
Date 12th February 2024




The International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical, and Multiphysics Engineering (ICTMME) seeks to unite policymakers and academic leaders to surmount barriers hindering scientific knowledge dissemination. By addressing institutional and ecosystem challenges, collaboration at various levels can flourish, fostering impactful solutions and mitigating long-term effects.

Location Budapest, Hungary
Date 27th February 2024