15 Food and Beverage Conferences in 2024

2024 is a global hub for a list of top food and beverage conferences, an important platform for industry leaders, researchers, and enthusiasts. Spanning different parts of the world, these events include trends, and innovations shaping the future of the food industry and providing insights. From sustainability to technological advances, these workshops promise a participatory exploration of the dynamics of food forums.

1. PRODEXPO 2024

PRODEXPO 2024, a respected international exhibition in Moscow, showcases the highest levels of innovation in the food and beverage industry. Gathering a global community of participants, the event provides a comprehensive platform to network, showcase cutting-edge technologies, and explore trends in the industry While focusing on business fostering internal relations and showcasing the latest trends, PRODEXPO 2024 stands as a premier destination for industry professionals seeking growth and cooperation.

LocationMoscow, Russian Federation
Date05-09 February 2024


2. Fruit Logistica 2024

Held in Berlin, Fruit Logistica 2024 represents an important global event for the new logistics industry. An exhibition of fruits, vegetables, and various other products, attracting people from all over the world. Known for encouraging business networking and showcasing the latest technological advances in agriculture, Fruit Logistics Networking is a valuable way to identify emerging trends and stimulate the future for new crops around the world.

LocationBerlin, Germany
Date07-09 February 2024


3. 5th European Food Chemistry Congress

The 5th European Food Chemistry Congress is an important forum, bringing together researchers, academics, and industry experts to explore food chemistry challenges This remains a cornerstone in the process.

LocationRoma, Italy
Date15-16 February 2024


4. Foodexpo

FoodExpo remains a focal point for the food and beverage industry in Northern Europe, held in Denmark. With a wide range of culinary delights, beverages, and food service solutions, the event attracts businesses from around the world and highlights new products and trends, FoodExpo provides an ideal arena to network, discover, and deliver new products engaged in the industry.

LocationHerning, Denmark
Date17-19 March 2024


5. World Congress on Nutrition and Food Chemistry

The Eat & Drink Festival offers a tantalizing blend of culinary delights, drinks, and craft items for Escape for foodies and enthusiasts, the event celebrates culinary diversity with its vibrant atmosphere featuring celebrity chefs, interactive demonstrations, and an array of delectable offerings, and discursive experiences available, so this place is the place to them who enjoy food and drink go there.

LocationLondon, United Kingdom(Hybrid)
Date20-21 March 2024


6. Eat & Drink Festival London

The Eat & Drink Festival in London offers a tantalizing fusion of culinary delights, beverages, and artisanal products. A haven for foodies and enthusiasts, this event celebrates gastronomic diversity, featuring celebrity chefs, interactive demonstrations, and an array of delectable offerings from street food to gourmet cuisines. With its vibrant atmosphere and immersive experiences, it's a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about food and drink.

LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Date22 March - 07 April, 2024


7. Slow Food Fair

The slow food show Markt des guten Geschmacks in Stuttgart is a celebration of sustainable and quality food and drink This event follows local craft artisans and features flavors and cooking of the traditions revealed. With its focus on ethical consumption and ecology, it is a forum where visitors can interact with producers, taste unique flavors, and engage in conversations that inspire the way a in a more conscientious approach to food preparation, making it a focal point for discreet cooking

LocationStuttgart, Germany
Date04-07 April 2024


8. Sol & Agrifood

Based in Verona, Italy, Soul & Agrifood is an international showcase for high-end Mediterranean food and drink. This event brings producers, consumers, and enthusiasts together, highlighting the richness of Italian cuisine and its local specialties. Focused on developing business relationships and promoting excellence in Mediterranean cuisine, Soul & Agrifood remains a prime location to discover the beauty and explore the essence of Italy’s culinary heritage.

LocationVerona, Italy
Date14-17 April 2024


9. CIBUS 2024

CIBUS 2024, the 22nd International Food Exhibition in Parma, Italy, showcases the essence of excellent Italian food. A cornerstone event for the global food industry, CIBUS showcases a wide range of authentic Italian products from traditional desserts to innovative culinary offerings Focused on export promotion and enhancing business opportunities so, the exhibition stands as an unparalleled platform to network, discover new flavors, and celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Italy.

LocationParma, Italy
Date07-10 May 2024


10. 2024 UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference

The 2024 UK Soft Drinks Industry Conference is an important gathering for industry leaders and experts. A hub for innovation and discussion sessions explores the latest trends, market insights, and sustainable practices shaping the soft drinks industry and focuses on fostering collaboration and taking on industry challenges so, it stands as an important milestone in the future of the UK soft drink landscape

LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Date19 May 2024


11. International Conference on Food, Nutritional & Dietetics

The International Conference on Food, Food, and Nutrition convenes experts and scholars to explore the dynamic intersections of food science, nutrition, and nutrition An influential platform for the exchange of knowledge, this conference highlights cutting-edge research, emerging trends and developments in nutrition. With its focus on fostering cross-industry collaboration, it stands as a catalyst for innovation shaping the future of food and nutrition practices globally.

Date20-21 May 2024



The 3rd International Meeting on Food Science and Technology (FOODTECHMEET 2024) brings together leading researchers and industry professionals to explore developments in food science and technology. This critical initiative explores innovation, sustainable practices, and emerging trends shaping the global food industry. Focusing on collaborative dialogue and knowledge sharing, it acts as a catalyst for development leading to the future of food technology and its impact on society.

LocationFrankfurt, Germany(Hybrid)
Date03-05 June 2024


13. Gulfood Manufacturing

Gulfood Manufacturing stands as the largest and most influential trade fair in food and beverage manufacturing, packaging, and manufacturing. Held in Dubai, it brings together industry leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to explore cutting-edge technologies, manufacturing solutions, and industry breakthroughs. Gulfood Manufacturing focuses on fostering partnerships and demonstrating innovation in the supply chain is an important platform that shapes the future of food manufacturing and processing around the world.

LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Date19-23 June 2024


14. Food & Beverage Innovation Forum

The Food and Beverage Alternative Forum (FBIF) stands as a flagship event in China, bringing together industry pioneers and innovators to explore the dynamic landscape of food and beverage alternatives with a focus on market development, technological advancements, and customer insights, and serve as an important platform in order to shape the future of the F&B industry in China and beyond

LocationShanghai, China
Date25-27 June 2024


15. Bordeaux Wine Week

Celebrated through Bordeaux fête le vin, Bordeaux Wine Week is an exciting tribute to the wonderful wines of the Bordeaux region. Held alongside the picturesque Garonne, the event welcomes wine lovers and wine connoisseurs to taste the esteemed wines of Bordeaux. Through a sumptuous program that includes tastings, workshops, and culture of events, it is a vibrant celebration of the region’s grape heritage, immersing itself in the world of Bordeaux’s finest wines It offers experience

LocationBordeaux, France
Date27-30 June 2024



The array of Food and Beverage Conferences in 2024 marks a vibrant tapestry of innovation, knowledge exchange, and industry networking. As these gatherings pave the way for groundbreaking discussions on sustainability, technology, and consumer trends, they cement their position as crucial catalysts propelling the food industry forward. With their diverse themes and global reach, these Food and Beverage conferences serve as indispensable forums, nurturing the growth and evolution of the Food and Beverage sector.