21 Conferences for Lawyers (2023 and 2024)

21 Conferences for Lawyers (2023 and 2024)

In the dynamic realm of law, staying updated and connected is paramount. A multitude of influential law conferences and law events are set to unfold in 2023 and 2024, offering legal professionals unparalleled opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking. These prominent law conferences promise to shape the future of legal practice.

1. Business and Contract Law

Explore the intricacies of Business and Contract Law with the comprehensive program offered by IP Institute (IPI) Academy. Delve into essential legal principles, contractual frameworks, and business implications through this enriching course. Gain a deep understanding of the legal landscape that underpins modern commerce.

Location London, United Kingdom
Date 11-12 Sep 2023
Location Webinar
Date 28-29 November 2023


2. International Commercial Contracts School

The International Commercial Contracts School is a tailored five-day seminar dedicated to delving into the intricate realm of cross-border contracts. This specialized program offers a comprehensive exploration of the legal intricacies and regulations governing business and contract law, catering exclusively to this dynamic field.

Location Webinar
Date 25-29 Sep 2023


3. World Litigation Forum 2023 Legaltech

At the World Litigation Forum 2023 Legaltech Conference, a strong conviction prevails that the advancement of the legal field thrives on the exchange of experiences and mutual learning. Crafted with precision, the event fosters profound discussions uniting legal experts of varied origins, disciplines, and legal systems. Attendees span an array of roles - from law firm luminaries and corporate legal minds to consultants, policymakers, and government dignitaries. This convergence acts as a catalyst for the evolution of the legal profession, fostering a collaborative environment essential for its growth.

Location Sheraton, Palo Alto, CA, United States
Date 04-05 October 2023


4. Asia LegalTech Leaders Summit

The Asia LegalTech Leaders Summit emerges as a dynamic platform, gathering visionary pioneers in legal technology. This summit serves as a nexus for vibrant discussions on cutting-edge innovations, imparting actionable insights to distinguish amidst competitive landscapes. Attendees engage with real-world instances of streamlined legal methodologies that optimize productivity. Amidst intensifying demands, leveraging adept technology emerges as pivotal in securing a competitive advantage, and nurturing favorable results for both clients and organizational stakeholders.

Location Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia(Hybrid)
Date 04-05 October 2023


5. ICLM 2023

The International Research Conference in Legal Medicine, slated for October 2023 in London and hosted by WASET, unites a diverse array of scholarly events under one comprehensive program. Spanning a range of sessions, the conference accommodates various presentation formats. Renowned for its excellence, the event offers substantial worth to students, academics, and industry researchers alike.

Location London, United Kingdom
Date 16-17 October 2023


6. Aippi World Congress 2023

The AIPPI World Congress 2023 stands as a global pinnacle for intellectual property professionals. This congress brings together experts, practitioners, and thought leaders to explore the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the realm of intellectual property. A dynamic platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Location Istanbul, Turkey
Date 22-25 October 2023


7. ICBML 2023

The 4th International Conference on Business Management & Law, set in France as a hybrid event, serves as a pivotal platform. It fosters insightful discussions and dynamic exchanges among global scholars, practitioners, and experts. Delving into the realms of business and law, this conference catalyzes collaborative learning and enriches the professional landscape.

Location France(Hybrid)
Date 28 October 2023


8. Crisis Management - General Counsel Conference

The Crisis Management - General Counsel Conference by Kingsley Napley equips General Counsel with practical insights to tackle unforeseen challenges. Through dynamic panel discussions and interactive sessions, the conference addresses existential threats organizations may encounter, offering invaluable guidance for effective crisis management.

Location London, United Kingdom
Date 11 October 2023


9. 33rd Annual Credit Law Conference

The 33rd Annual Credit Law Conference serves as a pivotal nexus for financial institutions, regulators, professional services, and industry players. This platform crucially delves into Australia's credit and lending landscape's future. Engage in networking events like Networking Drinks and the Gala Dinner Reception for multifaceted connections throughout the three-day conference.

Location Australia
Date 18-20 October 2023


10. 3rd International Conference on Women's Rights

The 3rd International Conference on Women's Rights aspires to be a premier platform for robust discussions on women's rights. With a focus on academia, research, policy, and industry, this conference unites global stakeholders including academics, professionals, policymakers, and students to foster meaningful discourse on this crucial domain.

Location France(Hybrid)
Date 29 October 2023


11. ICMLLM 2023

The ICMLLM 2023: International Conference on Medical Law and Legal Medicine, hosted in Paris strives to unite prominent academic scientists, researchers, and scholars. This platform facilitates the exchange of insights and research outcomes encompassing all facets of Medical Law and Legal Medicine. It serves as a premier interdisciplinary stage for discussing innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions within these fields, engaging practitioners, educators, and researchers alike.

Location Paris, France
Date 30-31 October 2023


12. International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference 2023

The International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference stands as the paramount gathering for global legal practitioners, fostering knowledge exchange, networking, and business growth. A catalyst for international law's evolution in commerce and society, it empowers members through exceptional professional development, ensuring the delivery of exemplary legal services.

Location France
Date 29 October - 03 November 2023


13. Negotiating and Drafting IT Contracts

The "Negotiating and Drafting IT Contracts" Webinar offers a comprehensive two-day session unraveling the intricacies of IT contracts. This seminar elucidates the essence, mechanics, and rationale behind these contracts while providing practical insights into their implementation.

Location 30-31 October 2023
Date Webinar


14. ICC Miami Conference on International Arbitration

Mark your calendar for the 21st ICC Miami Conference on International Arbitration, taking place from November 12-14, 2023. Explore the forefront of arbitration and ADR trends in Latin America through insightful discussions and expert speakers. An ideal networking arena, this event in Miami offers arbitration professionals a chance to enhance their skills and forge valuable connections. 

Location FL, United States
Date 12-14 November 2023


15. In-house Counsel as Business Partner

Engage with the dynamic evolution of in-house counsel at "The Lawyer - In-house Counsel as Business Partner" event. With over 40 speakers, this conference features keynotes, case studies, TED talk-style sessions, panel debates, and roundtable discussions, addressing three core areas: personal growth, effective management of in-house legal functions, and business alignment. Embrace the opportunity to shape your role, elevate your team, and gain future readiness on November 14th, as you immerse in insightful dialogues and peer-driven knowledge exchange.

Location London, United Kingdom
Date 14 November 2023


16. Influencing, Persuading, and Negotiating Skills for International Lawyers

Enhance your prowess with the "Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating Skills for International Lawyers" workshop. Tailored for international lawyers, this two-day program refines advanced influencing, persuading, and negotiation skills. Amplify your impact, visibility, and legal risk management proficiency while achieving business objectives through effective client and colleague engagement.

Location Webinar
Date 15-16 November 2023


17. LegalTech Summit (WLF 2024)

Established in 2016, the World Litigation Forum (WLF) stands as a non-governmental for-profit entity with a resolute purpose. Dedicated to fostering the advancement of legal practices worldwide, WLF convenes diverse legal professionals to deliberate upon global challenges. Through an array of impactful editions, including conferences and events spanning the USA, Europe, Asia, and UAE, WLF propels dialogue, networking, and solutions within the legal fraternity.

Location Dubai
Date 22 -23 January 2024


18. Legal Week New York

Legal Week New York stands as an influential platform where legal professionals unite for a transformative week. Attendees engage in peer networking, personalized professional growth, and strategic exploration, equipping themselves with effective tools to navigate the legal landscape. Recognized as an unmatched convergence of information, education, and networking, Legalweek provides actionable insights empowering legal leaders to revitalize and reshape law firms and departments.

Location New York City, United States
Date 29 January - 01 February 2024


19. ACLM

Join the 64th Annual Meeting of the American College of Legal Medicine (ACLM), a premier gathering that brings together legal and medical professionals, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue on pressing issues at the intersection of law and medicine.

Location CA, United States
Date 01-03 March 2024


20. ICPA 2024

Save the date for the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) Annual Conference 2024. Explore the forefront of compliance practices, regulations, and strategies through expert speakers and engaging sessions. A vital hub for compliance professionals, this event offers networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities for staying ahead in the dynamic compliance landscape.

Location CA, United States
Date 17-20 March 2024


21. International Technology Law Conference

Participating in the ITechLaw Conference 2023, as highlighted by attendees, offers a thrilling chance to connect with like-minded legal and technology enthusiasts from around the world. This event serves as a vibrant platform where colleagues and friends convene to share their fervor for law and technology, fostering valuable connections and enriching discussions.

Location Washington, D.C., United States
Date 8-10 May 2024


As the legal landscape continues to evolve, these upcoming law conferences in 2023 and 2024 provide a crucial platform for legal practitioners to converge, deliberate, and chart the course forward. From legal seminars illuminating intricate facets to broader legal events fostering cross-disciplinary dialogue, these gatherings solidify their place as vital fixtures in the journey of legal excellence.