15 Medical and Healthcare Conferences in 2024

Are you a healthcare or medical professional keen to stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in the health and medicine sector? Look no further! In this blog, we have compiled a list of must-attend medical and healthcare conferences happening worldwide in 2024. These medical conferences offer invaluable opportunities to connect with industry experts, gain knowledge from cutting-edge research, and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in healthcare and medicine. Mark your calendars and prepare for an enriching experience!

1. PMWC 2024 

The Precision Medicine World Conference Silicon Valley has been a pioneer in honoring individuals who have made remarkable contributions to advancing precision medicine in healthcare. The Luminary and Pioneer Awards have recognized the significant role played by honorees in accelerating the adoption of precision medicine in clinical settings and introducing innovative clinical applications. For over a decade, PMWC has celebrated the technological and scientific achievements of these exceptional individuals, underscoring their vital role in transforming healthcare through precision medicine. 

LocationCA, United States
Date24-26 January 2024


2. International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare explores the interdisciplinary field of research encompassing life science to management disciplines. With increasing computational power and integration of natural and computational sciences, new paradigms in life science research are emerging. Large-scale simulations and advanced modeling methods provide insights into the complexity of biological systems. As part of the I3M Multiconference, this workshop seeks to unite scientists from engineering, natural, and life sciences to discuss novel methods and topics in the evolving field of healthcare, covering diverse aspects of this holistic view.

LocationAthens, Greece
Date8 February 2024


3. International Conference on Nutrition & Growth

The International Conference on Nutrition & Growth is a dynamic platform at the forefront of child development nutrition and growth research. Join us to delve into evolving trends, the latest data, and best practices. This event fosters multidisciplinary discussions, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing. Be part of the movement shaping the future of child development nutrition and growth.

LocationLisbon, Portugal
Date15 - 17 February 2024


4. Ai and Data in Pharma Healthcare Summit

The AI in Healthcare Summit focuses on AI applications in healthcare, medicine, and diagnostics, along with industry implementations and valuable insights. The event delves into various topics, including personalized medicine, speech recognition, clinical patient care, diagnostics, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, medical imaging, and electronic health records (EHR). Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge technologies driving advancements in the healthcare sector.

LocationBoston, MA, United States
Date18-19 April 2024


5. World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2024 

The World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2024, hosted by Monash University and will revolve around the theme "Informed Prevention, Informed Care." This strategic event aims to shed light on the future of healthcare in the Asia Pacific region. It will emphasize the pivotal role of science, innovation, and policy in addressing the most pressing health challenges, uniting experts to seek effective solutions.

LocationMelbourne, Australia
Date22-24 April, 2024


6. 6th Global Congress on Digital Health, Future Nursing & Patient Care 

By joining this in-person medical conference you can connect with nurses, physicians, researchers, and allied healthcare professionals from academia and industry. Moreover, you can explore the latest updates and advancements in digital health and patient care while networking with renowned experts worldwide. Digital Health 2024 is an exceptional opportunity to expand your knowledge and share your expertise. 

LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Date24-25 September 2024


7. International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences

The primary objective of this conference is to offer an esteemed international platform where academics, researchers, engineers, industry experts, and students from around the world can exchange and present their research findings to global experts. ICMHS encourages in-person idea exchange and networking, fostering research and business relations for future collaborations. The conference seeks to contribute significantly to the knowledge base in relevant scientific fields. 

LocationParis, France
DateApril 24-25, 2024


8. 2024: PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit

The PM24: Precision Medicine annual meeting in 2024 will explore emerging topics and challenges at the intersection of precision medicine and global health. Addressing molecular diagnostics, treatment scalability, biobank design, and implementation, this conference aims to tackle foundational questions in the molecular era of global precision medicine. Join the conference to discuss supranational issues and solutions in this transformative field. 

Date8-10 May 2024


9. Vitafoods Asia

Vitafoods Asia returns with a dynamic event in Bangkok, both in-person and online! 

In collaboration with Fi Asia, this healthcare conference unites over 350 international suppliers and more than 8,000 business leaders from the nutraceutical and food and beverage industry.

This platform aims to facilitate the sourcing of innovative and high-quality ingredients, dietary supplements, and services. Discover the latest trends and advancements in the industry at Vitafoods Asia.

LocationBangkok, Thailand
Date18 - 20 September 2024


10. National Conference on Correctional Health Care

The National Conference on Correctional Health Care is a crucial event for correctional health care professionals facing rapid changes and numerous challenges. NCCHC offers a guiding light to find answers, insights, and opportunities in this dynamic field. Held in Las Vegas, this five-day conference provides valuable education and networking opportunities. Join hundreds of like-minded colleagues to connect, learn, and collaborate in one convenient location, sparing the need to travel the globe for such enriching interactions.

LocationLas Vegas, NV, United States
Date19-23 October 2024


11. AIHM Annual Integrative Health & Medicine Conference

The AIHM Annual Integrative Health & Medicine Conference invites primary care providers, nursing professionals, pharmacy professionals, health institution members, and practitioners across the spectrum of conventional and integrative health to come together and share exciting breakthroughs, integrated protocols, and evidence-based data. This health and medicine event aims to foster a more seamless fusion between conventional medicine and integrative health, uniting people, planet, and purpose in the pursuit of better patient outcomes. Explore how these fields are merging to create a Whole Health model that enhances care and optimizes results within your scope of practice. 

LocationSan Diego, CA, United States
Date25-27 October 2024


12. Festival of Biologics

The Festival of Biologics offers a comprehensive platform for biologic drug development, covering the entire process from discovery to market access, presented across 3 days and 13 tracks. The exhibition features 150 top solution providers catering to needs in discovery, development, manufacturing, fill-finish, and market access. Networking opportunities abound, connecting thousands of biologics experts through 12+ hours of built-in 1-2-1 networking sessions. This medical event provides a prime opportunity to stay at the forefront of the biologics industry and engage with key players in the field.

Date15-17 October 2024


13. NUTRICON 2024

NUTRICON 2024, the International Conference on Food, Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle, is a unique global gathering that provides an exceptional opportunity for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Bringing together leading educators, researchers, policymakers, and various stakeholders, the conference features a diverse array of research and case studies presented in parallel sessions. Attendees can anticipate ample networking opportunities and possibilities for publishing their work. Join us at this premier event to delve into the latest trends and challenges in the realm of food, nutrition, health, and lifestyle while engaging with top experts and researchers in the field.

LocationSeoul, South Korea
Date8-9 November 2024


14. 9th World Congress on Healthcare and Healthcare Management 

The 9th World Congress on Healthcare and Healthcare Management focuses on the theme "Data Monetization – The New Fuel for Growth in Healthcare," featuring crucial and intensive sessions. This webinar delves into advancements in the healthcare industry and unique treatment methods developed by researchers for more efficient disease management. Participants will gain insights into the study and inquiry of wellness, as well as the application of that knowledge to enhance healthcare, treat illnesses, and understand the functioning of living organisms. For attendees seeking cutting-edge information on healthcare management, this online gathering serves as the premier platform.

LocationEdinburgh, United Kingdom
Date13-14 November 2024


15. 11th International Conference on Global Healthcare

The 11th International Conference on Global Healthcare promises an exceptional science program featuring esteemed speakers driven by innovation. With a focus on advancing the healthcare profession for the benefit of individuals and communities, the event offers valuable access to ongoing training and networking opportunities. Researchers, academicians, students, and business professionals from around the world can join this impactful summit.

LocationBarcelona, Spain
Date09-10 May 2024


We hope that this list of 15 Medical and Healthcare Conferences has provided you with a valuable resource to stay up to date with all the latest trends, breakthroughs, and advancements in the medical and healthcare fields. Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities to be a part of this dynamic world of health and medical conferences in 2024.