11 Social Media Conferences in 2024

In 2024, the realm of digital marketing is set to witness an array of enlightening and transformative experiences through a roster of cutting-edge social media conferences. From seminars and events to workshops, these gatherings offer invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of digital connectivity. Explore some 11 prominent social media conferences of 2024, each designed to empower professionals navigating the dynamic realms of social media marketing.

1.Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World, hosted by Social Media Examiner, is a premier event uniting marketing professionals worldwide. With a dynamic lineup of speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities, it's a hub for cutting-edge strategies in social media marketing. Attendees gain invaluable insights, discover emerging trends, and forge connections that propel their businesses forward in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

LocationSan Diego, California
DateFebruary 18-20, 2024


2.Media Strategies Summit

The Social Media Strategies Summit stands as a pivotal gathering for marketers seeking innovative approaches in the social media realm. Hosted by GSMI, this summit offers a platform for industry leaders to share actionable insights, case studies, and strategies crucial for navigating the digital landscape. Attendees engage in discussions on emerging trends, fostering connections, and harnessing the power of social platforms for business growth.

LocationOnline Event
Date28-29 February 2024


3.Ragan Social Media Conference

The Ragan Social Media Conference is a powerhouse event spotlighting the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing. Renowned for its expert-led sessions and practical insights, this conference is a magnet for professionals seeking to master social media's ever-changing landscape. Attendees immerse themselves in discussions on content creation, engagement tactics, and impactful storytelling, gaining the tools needed to elevate their brand's online presence in today's dynamic digital sphere.

LocationDisney World, Orlando, Florida
DateMarch 27-29, 2024


4.Social Media Strategies Summit - First Responders

The Social Media Strategies Summit - First Responders edition is an invaluable gathering tailored specifically for emergency service professionals. This summit, hosted by GSMI, focuses on leveraging social media for effective communication, crisis management, and community engagement in the realm of first responders. Through interactive workshops and expert-led discussions, attendees gain vital strategies and tools to navigate social platforms for enhancing public safety and emergency response efforts.

LocationOnline Event
Date10-11 Apr 2024


5.The Pharma Social Media Conference

The Pharma Social Media Conference stands as a crucial gathering for pharmaceutical professionals navigating the complexities of digital marketing and social media. Hosted by industry experts, this conference is dedicated to exploring compliant strategies, patient engagement, and regulatory challenges unique to the pharmaceutical sector. Attendees delve into discussions on leveraging social platforms responsibly, fostering patient trust, and driving innovation in digital healthcare communications, ensuring a balanced approach between compliance and impactful messaging.

DateMay, 2024


6.Social Media Strategies Summit: Public Agencies & Government

The Social Media Strategies Summit Public Agencies & Government edition is a pivotal event catering to professionals in the public sector. Hosted by GSMI, this summit delves into leveraging social media for effective communication, engagement, and transparency in governmental and public agency settings. Through expert-led sessions and collaborative discussions, attendees glean actionable strategies to navigate the digital landscape, fostering trust, and strengthening connections with the communities they serve.

LocationVirtual Conference
DateMay 14, 2024


7.International Social Summit

The International Social Summit, hosted by Webcertain, is a global rendezvous for marketing professionals seeking to harness the power of social media on an international scale. This summit offers comprehensive insights into cultural nuances, localization strategies, and cross-border marketing tactics crucial for navigating diverse markets. With expert speakers and workshops, attendees gain invaluable knowledge to craft impactful global social media campaigns, fostering connections across borders for business growth.

DateMay 16, 2024


8.11th ECSM 2024

The 11th European Conference on Social Media 2024) is a prominent platform fostering discourse among scholars, researchers, and industry professionals in the social media sphere. Hosted by Academic Conferences International, ECSM explores the latest trends, methodologies, and innovations in social media studies. This conference facilitates knowledge exchange and collaboration, paving the way for advancements in understanding the impact, challenges, and opportunities within the realm of European social media landscapes.

LocationUniversity of Brighton, United Kingdom
Date30-31 May 2024



Date5-7 June 2024


10.Association of National Digital & Social Media Conference

The 2024 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Digital & Social Media Conference is a pivotal gathering for industry leaders shaping the advertising landscape. Hosted by ANA, this conference spotlights innovative strategies and trends driving digital and social media marketing. With influential speakers and immersive sessions, attendees explore cutting-edge tactics, data-driven insights, and impactful storytelling techniques essential for navigating the ever-evolving digital marketing sphere, empowering brands to stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace.

LocationCA, United States
Date17-19 July 2024


11.The Social Media in Beauty Day Conference

The Social Media in Beauty Day Conference is a pivotal event delving into the intersection of social platforms and the beauty industry. Hosted by Beauty Trends, this conference offers a deep dive into digital marketing strategies, influencer collaborations, and consumer engagement specific to the beauty sector. Attendees gain insights on leveraging social media trends to drive brand visibility, foster community engagement, and innovate within the dynamic beauty landscape.

LocationAsia House, London, United Kingdom
Date28 September 2024



The landscape of social media conferences in 2024 promises an immersive journey, offering a treasure trove of strategies, trends, and insights to empower digital marketers. These events, spanning seminars, workshops, and specialized gatherings, equip professionals to harness the ever-evolving dynamics of social platforms. With knowledge gained from these conferences, industry leaders are poised to revolutionize their approaches, shaping the future of digital engagement and brand presence.