15 Tourism and Hospitality Conferences 2024

In 2024, the landscape of tourism and hospitality conferences promises innovation, collaboration, and growth. From exploring sustainable tourism practices to delving into the latest trends in hospitality management, a plethora of conferences beckon industry professionals worldwide. These gatherings serve as incubators for ideas, fostering dialogue and forging connections that shape the future of travel and hospitality. Here, we unveil 15 must-attend tourism and hospitality conferences of 2024.

1. 19th HORECA Equipment Fair

The 19th HORECA Equipment Fair, held at the Belgrade Fair, showcases cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality industry. From innovative kitchen equipment to modern dining furniture, the fair presents a comprehensive array of products and services. Attendees can explore the latest trends and technologies, network with industry experts, and discover opportunities for enhancing their businesses. The event serves as a hub for fostering growth and excellence within the HORECA sector.

LocationBelgrade, Serbia
Date22-25 February 2024


2. Danish Travel Show

The Danish Travel Show is a vibrant showcase of travel and tourism held at the MCH Messecenter in Herning, Denmark. This dynamic event brings together exhibitors from around the world, offering visitors a glimpse into exciting destinations, travel packages, and experiences. From exotic getaways to adventure-filled expeditions, the Danish Travel Show caters to diverse interests and preferences, providing travelers with valuable insights and inspiration for their next memorable journey.

LocationHerning, Denmark
Date23-25 February 2024


3. Alimentaria Barcelona 2024

Alimentaria Barcelona 2024 is a renowned international food, beverage, and foodservice exhibition held at Fira de Barcelona in Spain. This premier event attracts exhibitors and attendees from around the globe, offering a comprehensive platform to showcase the latest trends, innovations, and products in the food industry. From gourmet delicacies to cutting-edge culinary technologies, Alimentaria Barcelona serves as a hub for networking, business opportunities, and culinary inspiration, driving forward the global gastronomic landscape.

LocationBarcelona, Spain
Date18-21 March 2024


4. Routes Americas 2024

Routes Americas 2024 is a pivotal event in the aviation industry, connecting airlines, airports, and tourism authorities across the Americas. Hosted at various locations, the conference fosters strategic partnerships, explores new routes, and drives innovation in air travel. Attendees engage in high-level discussions, negotiate agreements, and capitalize on networking opportunities to enhance route development and passenger connectivity. Routes Americas plays a crucial role in shaping the future of air transportation in the region.

LocationBogota, Colombia
Date19-21 March 2024


5. Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai

Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai is a leading trade exhibition that showcases the latest trends and innovations in the hospitality and retail industries. Held in Shanghai, China, the event attracts professionals from around the world, including hoteliers, retailers, designers, and suppliers. From cutting-edge technology to exquisite designs, Hotel & Shop Plus offers a platform for networking, business collaborations, and exploring emerging opportunities in the dynamic hospitality and retail sectors.

LocationShanghai, China
Date26-29 March 2024


6. Arabian Travel Market

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) stands as a premier global event in the travel and tourism industry, held annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Bringing together travel professionals, government officials, and hospitality experts, ATM serves as a nexus for networking, business transactions, and industry insights. With a focus on Middle Eastern travel trends and innovations, the event catalyzes partnerships and showcases the region's vibrant tourism offerings, fostering growth and collaboration in the sector.

LocationDubai, United Arab Emirates
Date06-09 April 2024


7. HotelPoint 2024

HotelPoint 2024 is a dynamic forum where hotel executives and industry suppliers converge to explore innovations and forge partnerships. Held at various locations, this exclusive event offers a unique platform for networking, idea exchange, and business development. From cutting-edge technology solutions to operational strategies, HotelPoint facilitates dialogue and collaboration to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities shaping the future of the hospitality sector.

LocationSeattle, WA, United States
Date14-17 April 2024


8. ICTTP 2024

The International Conference on Tourism, Travel, and Philosophy (ICTTP 2024) is a prestigious gathering that explores the intersection of tourism, travel, and philosophical inquiry. Hosted by Core Conferences, this event convenes scholars, researchers, and industry professionals to delve into philosophical dimensions within the tourism sector. From ethical considerations to cultural impacts, ICTTP 2024 provides a platform for thought-provoking discussions and the exchange of ideas that shape the future of travel and tourism.

LocationHong Kong
Date18-19 April 2024


9. International Health Tourism & Services Expo Bangladesh

The 7th International Health Tourism & Services Expo Bangladesh 2024 is a premier event dedicated to showcasing the burgeoning health tourism sector in Bangladesh. Hosted by CEMS-Global USA, this expo brings together healthcare providers, medical professionals, and industry stakeholders to promote the country's healthcare services on a global scale. With a focus on medical advancements, wellness facilities, and patient care, the expo aims to position Bangladesh as a leading destination for health tourism and services.

LocationDhaka, Bangladesh
Date09-11 May 2024


10. 6th CST

The 6th International Conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST) offers a platform for scholars, researchers, and industry practitioners to explore the intersection of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism. Organized by IEREK, the conference facilitates discussions on preserving cultural identities, promoting responsible tourism practices, and fostering community engagement. Through collaborative exchanges and innovative ideas, CST contributes to the development of strategies that ensure the long-term viability of cultural tourism destinations worldwide.

LocationOnline Event
Date28-30 May 2024


11. ICSTM 2024

The 8th International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management (ICSTM 2024), scheduled for August 23-25 in Munich, Germany, is a pivotal gathering aimed at advancing sustainable practices within the tourism industry. Hosted by ICSTM, the conference convenes scholars, policymakers, and industry experts to explore innovative strategies for balancing tourism growth with environmental conservation and social responsibility. Through collaborative dialogue and knowledge exchange, ICSTM 2024 aims to shape the future of sustainable tourism management globally.

LocationMunich, Germany
Date23-25 August 2024


12. 14th Asia Pacific Travel Health Conference

The 14th Asia Pacific Travel Health Conference, hosted at APTHC2024.org, converges experts and practitioners to address critical issues in travel health. With a focus on the Asia Pacific region, the conference explores emerging diseases, vaccination strategies, and travel safety protocols. Attendees engage in discussions, share best practices, and gain insights into ensuring the well-being of travelers. APTHC2024 stands as a vital platform shaping travel health practices across the region.

LocationKathmandu, Nepal
Date18-21 September 2024


13. Hotel & Hospitality Expo Saudi Arabia

The Hotel & Hospitality Expo Saudi Arabia, taking place from September 17 to 19 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a premier event showcasing the latest innovations and trends in the hospitality industry. With a focus on hotel management, technology, and design, the expo brings together industry professionals, suppliers, and buyers to network, exchange insights, and explore new opportunities. It serves as a catalyst for driving growth and excellence in Saudi Arabia's burgeoning hospitality sector.

LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date17-19 September 2024


14. International Luxury Travel Market Americas (ILTM 2024)

The International Luxury Travel Market Americas (ILTM) 2024 is a prestigious gathering of luxury travel professionals, held to showcase the finest experiences across North and South America. Hosted by ILTM, this event brings together leading travel advisors, suppliers, and exhibitors to forge connections and highlight unparalleled luxury travel offerings. With a focus on exclusivity and bespoke experiences, ILTM Americas sets the stage for shaping the future of luxury travel in the region.

LocationNassau, Bahamas
Date23-26 September 2024


15. World Travel Expo (WTE) Miami

World Travel Expo (WTE) Miami is a dynamic event showcasing diverse travel destinations, experiences, and services. Held annually, the expo gathers industry professionals, travelers, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and offerings in global travel. From adventure tours to luxury getaways, WTE Miami provides a platform for networking, discovery, and booking personalized travel experiences, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

LocationMiami Beach, FL, United States
Date21-23 October 2024



In conclusion, the array of tourism and hospitality conferences slated for 2024 offers unparalleled opportunities for industry players to converge, collaborate, and innovate. From discussions on sustainable tourism to the exploration of cutting-edge hospitality technologies, these conferences serve as catalysts for progress in the ever-evolving sectors of tourism and hospitality. As professionals and enthusiasts alike engage in dialogue and knowledge exchange, the future of travel and hospitality is poised for remarkable transformation and advancement.